Clinical Education Programs

Our program design and development is aligned to your organisational clinical governance framework, placing patient and clinician safety at the forefront of the design and implementation process. Simovation can help your organisation by developing programs and targeted solutions which address:

  • Deliberate practice (targeted skill development & repetition) 
  • Teamwork – crises resource management, leadership/decision making, reflective practice
  • Interprofessional team training
  • Specialities and disciplines
  • Communication
  • Scaffolded learning
  • Learning and simulated environments
  • COVID workforce education solutions

We develop frameworks and strategies which are aligned to National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for each country. We can also help you design and implement programs targeting specific gaps in mandatory training compliance, including patient safety audit findings.

Simovation can provide expert advice at every step of the design and development process through close collaboration, ensuring your organisation is focused on preventing patient harm, while strengthening the “chain of survival” through positive outcomes for patients and clinicians alike.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can partner with you to create and implement impactful clinical education programs and strategies to improve patient and clinician safety.