How to use stick-on wounds or infections

All stick on wound and skin appliances are pre-glued on a plasticised sheet.

Stick On Wounds are fast, simple and very effective.

1- Choose an appliance in the right size and skin colour.
The sheets are standard available in 4 different skin tones; light, tan, dark and manikin. Especially if the appliance is being used on the same actor or manikin it pays to have the correct skin tone. 
the tan colour is our standard colour for wounds. The manikin colour is more opaque to blend in with manikin skins. Custom colours are optional on request.

2- Fit the appliance on the spot where you want to apply it. Clean the skin with some alcohol. Peel off the appliance and press it gently onto the cleaned area.

The appliance will stick on by itself with its sticky backing. However, for longer exercises or rougher handling, we suggest applying it with an additional adhesive.

The appliance can be glued with:
-FXglue gel, a MEDICFX gelatine product. This is the easiest way to attach the appliance. 
Heat the FX Glue Gel in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds. 
With a brush or lolly stick apply the Gel to the back of the wound and press it to the skin. It is very sticky and applied wounds can be treated slightly.
(Mind that the glue can be hot) Use more Gel to blend the wound into the skin. Use a little babypowder to get rid of excess stickiness.
To remove, peel off the wound and wash it with water and a little soap.

– Pros-aide cream, a medical acrylic adhesive. Apply a thin layer of pros-aide on the skin as well as on the back of the appliance. Let it dry till transparent. Press the appliance onto the skin and press down all the edges. Blend the edges with some more cream if desired. Pros-aide gives great strength and adhesion.
To remove, use Pros-aide remover.

4- MedicFX silicone appliances can be additionally coloured with grease or alcohol paints. These paints will not stay permanently and can be removed. It is not advisable to change the skin colour of the appliance with any foundations as this will make it look patchy. Bruising or dirt can be applied. 

5- Blood can be added to the appliance. Most fake blood tend to bead up on the silicone, by adding a little dish soap the blood will have better adherence.
MEDICFX offers professional-grade blood online.

You can treat the wound as you would normally treat a real wound, however best to refrain from using any oily products as that may interfere with the stickiness of the appliance.

6- After use. Wash the appliance under a lukewarm tap. The sticky backing will remain sticky even after washing. Dry with cloth or paper towel. Make sure it is fully dry and clean before storing it away. Store in a dark, cool place. 

7- When treated right MedicFX glue-on appliances will last a long time. They are all made with sturdy silicone that won't break or tear. With extended usage, normal wear and tear may occur.