Immersive Room Technology, Moulage Products & Hyper Realistic Simulation Trainers

Simovation are a Queensland, Australian based organisation focused on the provision of immersive learning technology solutions, moulage “hyper realistic” wearable products and hyper realistic infant manikins and surgical trainers for customers across Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Our mission of “saving lives matters” is focused on helping organisations with the design and development of innovative simulated learning environments and integrated programs utilising hyper realistic simulation resources. Simovation support the creation of impactful learning encounters supporting skills acquisition, team training and successful transition to practice for:

  • Students
  • Clinicians
  • Emergency Workers
  • Austere environment teams
  • Leadership teams



  • Simulated Learning Environments (SLE) by Gener8 Healthcare
  • Simulation & Clinical Skill Development Products: Infant manikins (Preemie to infant), Surgical obstetric task trainers, Abdominal surgical task trainers, Thoracotomy Surgical task trainers
  • Hyper realistic moulage and wearable manikin and standardised patient simulation technologies from MEDICFX
  • Strategy Development
  • Consultancy Services


Simovation can also assist your organisation through the development of programs and targeted solutions which address:

  • COVID workforce education solutions
  • Professional Development Resuscitation Workshops (Half day, Full day – Onsite/Distance)

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