Simovation are the sole distributor of Gener8 Immersive simulated environments across Australia and New Zealand. We also provide a wide range of clinical simulation, clinical education and technology integration services to support you and your clinical educators in delivering quality patient safety focused education and training, across your organisation. 

Services we provide include:

Patient Safety Programs

We can provide your organisation with patient safety programs linked to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. 

We can review your current programs and recommend or develop enhanced strategies for targeted patient safety education within your organisation. 

Clinical Education Program Design and Implementation

Simulation based education supporting Prehospital, In hospital and Aged Care sectors (BLS, ILS, ALS, Mass Casualty, Trauma, Obstetric, Paediatric), Interprofessional, Interdisciplinary and organisational resuscitation training frameworks, which can be designed, implemented and run on site with your teams

Prehospital emergency services training
Simulation Strategy Development 

Are you considering reviewing or investing in simulation based education programs and technology for your organisation? We can assist with proposal design and development for executive management and board level, including collaborating with broad stakeholder groups.

Simulation Technology Integration   

Do you have existing healthcare simulation technology tools and resources, or a suite of clinical education programs which are not delivering organisational wide outcomes as expected? As a simulation based education and healthcare simulation integrator, we can help your organisation maximise your potential, through robust program design and a continuous quality improvement organisational approach.

immersive environments
Technology Investment

As a leader in immersive simulation environments we can help you install and bring to life your curriculum and programs, through outstanding simulation based educational encounters. The immersive simulated environment is a unique learning echo system, which can take your clinical simulation to a new level of fidelity. 

Simulated Learning Environments (SLE)

We can provide scoping, design and implementation of SLE solutions for your clinical education programs. We remain technology agnostic, thus we are able to ensure your organisation receives the best advice tailored to your organisation and programs needs.

Organisational capacity reviews

We undertake organisational capacity reviews, focusing on your organisational structure, curriculum, technology and resources. Capacity reviews can assist organisations in identifying where potential opportunity exists for greater efficiency, improving how patient safety events can be embedded into curriculum design and program development, while utilising current and emerging organisational learning design theory.