MO890 Infant Holly

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Holly is a fully silicone infant with an incredibly lifelike appearance. She is made of a sturdy silicone that offers flexibility and durability.

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Holly is a fully silicone infant with an incredibly lifelike appearance. She is made of a sturdy silicone that offers flexibility and durability. She has soft-rooted hair and eyes that are either sleepily half open or hidden by closed eyelids. Her limbs have bones that allow them to bend naturally. Her neck has a full range of neck movement for endotracheal intubation. As such, Holly is unable to support the weight of her own head.

Functionality: The infant has a realistic airway and has all the realistic airway features you would expect to see on laryngoscopy; epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea, and even carina. Holly can be intubated and bag mask ventilated or ventilated on a mechanical ventilator. Her two lungs provide visible unilateral or bilateral chest movement on positive pressure ventilation.
It is also possible to insert an oral feeding tube with a tract ending in the anus.
Holly features an integrated urinary bladder built into her abdomen and can be catheterised.

Holly can be customised as a surgical baby featuring different congenital defects or other physical health issues.
Simulated veins can be embedded into the limbs for I.V cannulation.
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Realistic Silicone baby girl
Bodysuit and travel outfit, soft wrap and pacifier.
Care kit with shampoo, hair brush and baby powder
Carry- on bag


Length 63cm, Head circumference …. cm


5.5kg. Total weight with the display bag 8kg.


Platinum Silicone, Mohair

Care instructions:

Treat the baby as you would a real infant. Don’t pull on arms or legs or neck.
The hair is punched in and can be carefully brushed. Some shedding may occur.
Holly can be washed under the hot tap and cleaned with alcohol if needed.
Don’t immerse the baby in water as it will fill up the lungs.
Dry the baby with towel/ paper and hairdryer and powder off before storing away
If the silicone gets a bit shiny/oily, wipe the baby with Iso alcohol and powder off with baby powder
If needed the baby can be repaired with our FX Silicone Repair Kit. For more information on how to repair your silicone appliance, check our instructional video here.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 63 cm

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