MP1000 Large Trauma Moulage Kit

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All products you need for perfect moulage training and trauma scenarios


3 larger strap on appliances: Multiple lacerations MT020, Protruding Femur Fracture MT002, Abrasion MT021
2 small strap-on appliances: Slit wrist, Open wound MT032
2 sheets with stick-on trauma: Cuts and lacerations MP003, Small superficial wounds MP013
Stage Blood bright 50ml
Coagulated Blood 50g
Squirt blood 100ml
FX silicone, medium 60g
Ben Nye Master bruise wheel
FX GEL 100g clear
FX GEL 100g skin colour
FX Glue gel 60ml
Pros-aide cream 15g
Metal Spatula and Palette
Chip brush
2 Brushes round #2 and flat nr 4
Stubble sponge
Alcohol swabs 10 pc
Bond off remover 15ml
Nexcare tape
Sticks,pins and buds
2 thin bloodline tubes
2 syringes

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