For your education simulation investment

Our simulation based education team provide specialist expertise in healthcare simulation program design and delivery, including process and systems testing. Targeted to supporting the pre-hospital, in-hospital and aged care workforces across Australia and internationally. Our mission of “saving lives matters” is focused around helping you optimise your organisational healthcare training infrastructure and people, through impactful clinical education programs and healthcare simulation solutions, which strengthen the chain of survival. Ensuring your workforce have the necessary skills, behaviours and confidence to make a difference in the care your patients receive each day. We are an “end to end” simulation based education integrator. We use our simulated immersive learning environment technology as a learning echo system.


Are you considering reviewing or investing in simulation based education programs and technology for your organisation? We can assist with proposal design and development for executive management and board level, including collaborating with broad stakeholder groups.


Do you have existing healthcare simulation technology tools and resources, or a suite of clinical education programs which are not delivering organisational wide outcomes as expected? As a simulation based education and healthcare simulation integrator, we can help your organisation maximise your potential, through robust program design and a continuous quality improvement organisational approach.


As a leader in immersive simulation environments we can help you install and bring to life your curriculum and programs, through outstanding simulation based educational encounters. The immersive simulated environment is a unique learning echo system, which can take your clinical simulation to a new level of fidelity.