MSURG050 Abdominal Model Flexible
Big Clint Fat Neck
MSURG050 Abdominal Model Flexible
MO822 Baby Natasja with cleft lip
Baby Rohan
birthing baby

Manikins, Surgical and Obstetric Trainers

Our mission of “saving lives matters” is focused around helping you optimise your organisational healthcare training infrastructure and people, through impactful healthcare simulation solutions and resources which strengthen the chain of survival leading to a more competent, capable and safer workforce.

We can assist your organisation by supporting you with authentic and hyper realistic simulation task trainers and hyper realistic moulage products:

  • Preemie manikins from 26 weeks (Surgical/Non surgical)
  • 38-40 week term infants (Surgical/Non surgical)
  • Surgical neonatal manikins with intact organs
  • Surgical C Section obstetric overlay for standardised patients and manikins (works with all manikins)
  • Laparoscopy trainers including hyper realistic abdominal organs
  • Abdominal surgical hyper realistic trainers (can be worn by standardised patients and manikins)
  • Thoracotomy surgical trainer (can be worn by standardised patients and manikins)


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