Hyper realistic premie to infant manikins from MEDICFX and Simovation

Baby Nina

All premie to infant manikins can be personalised to meet your clinical learning objectives

Our manikins are manufactured to reflect patient diversity, clinical accuracy and birthing anomalies

  • All manikins can be ventilated and perform CPR
  • Certain models can be intubated – Nina & Holly/Hugo
  • Neopuff ventilation possible
  • With and without tone
  • Optional eyes open or shut
  • Optional vernix caseosa
  • Variety of anomalies are possible upon request
  • Diverse range of skin tones
Baby Libby
MO822 Baby Natasja with cleft lip


The qubeCTG application simulates a real-time cardiotocograph monitoring system in an obstetric environment. With the new qubeCTG, you can train in complex obstetric scenarios.

• Create and edit your own scenarios
• Comes with three pre-programmed scenarios (normal CTG, variable deceleration, VBAC)
• Realistic representation of uterine activity • Adjust baseline, variability, shapes, and contact quality
• Add notes
• Option to set maternal vital signs

Add patient monitoring to your manikin & standardised patient simulation based education

Skillqube qubeSeries

Our SKILLQUBE (qubeSERIES) mobile simulation monitors provide a realistic and flexible way to provide increased fidelity in simulation, empowering in-situ simulations, while reducing the need for expensive and complex manikins. Our Skillqube series encompass simulated patient monitoring, ventilation solutions, CTG monitoring & Audio Visual solutions. 

For customers seeking to embed ventilation and CPR live feedback into your ALS, PLS and Neo Resuscitation training, Skillqube is the perfect solution. Featuring our bluetooth CPR sensor set, including our most recent product enhancement, our bluetooth ventilation sensor.

SkilllQube Instructor device

There are a range of options for getting started with Skillqube products. Choose from the following licence options or contact us to discuss an options that suits you:

  1. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL LICENCE: Try before you buy! Evaluate the full product features and benefits at no cost, helping you make an informed decision
  2. SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS: Our subscription approach gives you access to updates and new features AND allows you to change interfaces, all at NO additional cost
  3. RE-USE YOUR EXISTING SOLUTION: We can provide you with a licence that you can use on existing iPads to allow you to upgrade to Skillqube, saving you time and money!
  4. OUTRIGHT PURCHASE: If you prefer to own your Skillqube series outright, we offer 3 options that are flexible and scaleable.

CONTACT US to learn more about any option!

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