Skillqube Ventilator & CTG Interfaces

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Skillqube Ventilation Simulators complement our ECG simulators in order to deliver lifelike training for healthcare workers.

ventilation monitor

Hamilton T1

Medumat Std 2

qube Zero by Skillqube

  • True to original interface of the Hamilton T1
  • Integration into existing qubeCONTROLLER
  • Various control options: compliance & resistance, disease patterns
  • qubeSERIES patient monitor simulator interface
  • Original MEDUMAT Standard2 user interface
  • Integration into existing qubeCONTROLLER
  • easy streaming of the ventilation monitor
  • Ventilation simulation monitoring, IPPV, CPAP and O2 administration

SKILLQUBE has developed a ventilation simulator based on a generic user interface.

  • CPAP
  • IPPV
  • Alarm settings 
  • System alarms
  • Skillqube Original Screen

Ventilation Simulation from SKILLQUBE

In cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology we developed an addition to our qubeMS2 simulator. With the newly developed qubeTRIGGER, SKILLQUBE will support an even more realistic simulation experience.

Unit Cost $1,700


NEW to the SkillQube range is the qube AIRFLOW ventilation sensor.

Unit Cost $1,450

The qube AIRFLOW ventilation sensor supports your team in training sufficient ventilation and preventing hyperventilation. For even more precision in training!

The qubeAIRFLOW sensor has the following functions:

    • Capturing VT inspiratory
    • Conditionally expiratory Vte
    • Capturing the respiratory rate
    • The collected values are visible in real time on the qubeCONTROLLER for the instructor and on the respective monitor for the trainee.

Connection: The qubeAIRFLOW is wirelessly connected to the qubeCONTROLLER via Bluetooth. It can therefore be flexibly integrated into your simulation training. Compatibility: The sensor of the qubeAIRFLOW integrates perfectly into your existing simulation systems of the qubeSERIES and is compatible with any surface. Compact: The qubeAIRFLOW sensor weighs only 100g and is about 65mm x 70mm in size. Its battery lasts about 8 hours.

SkillQube Airflow ventilation sensor


Annual licence $4,200

The qubeCTG application simulates a real-time cardiotocograph monitoring system in an obstetric environment. With the new qubeCTG, you can train in complex obstetric scenarios.

• Create and edit your own scenarios
• Comes with three pre-programmed scenarios (normal CTG, variable deceleration, VBAC)
• Realistic representation of uterine activity • Adjust baseline, variability, shapes, and contact quality
• Add notes
• Option to set maternal vital signs

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