The qubeSeries from Simovation is a realistic and easy to use, simulated monitor/defibrillator solution from Germany’s leading simulated device manufacturer, SkillQube GmbH.

The SkillQube qubeSeries is a simulated monitor/defibrillator system that is designed to mimic the appearance, functionality, and features of real-life monitors/defibrillators used in clinical settings. The choice of device interfaces are as follows: Zoll X and R Series, Corpuls 3 and 3T, LifePak 20e and 15, Shillers DIFIGARD Touch 7, Qube Zero and many more to come!

The qubeSeries simulated monitor/defibrillator uses a proprietary software platform that simulates realistic physiological responses to therapy and allows for the customisation of scenarios and patient cases. It also provides various training modes and options for instructors to create their own training scenarios.

While no simulation product can fully replicate the complexity and variability of real-life clinical presentations, the qubeSeries simulated monitor/defibrillator can provide a realistic and effective training experience for healthcare providers to improve their skills and confidence in managing cardiac emergencies, including patient monitoring.

The solution operates using Bluetooth and wireless technology (guaranteed connection) and therefore is ideal for simulation centres, InSitu mobile hospital scenarios, and is especially useful for Pre Hospital settings as no network connection is required. A network connection can be utilised when synchronising with qubeCloud for downloading new scenarios, however, this can also be achieved by hot spotting your phone.

Boasting a suite of features and benefits such as 12 lead ECG (Extensive library), pacing, defibrillation, patient monitoring, CPR Sensor for live CPR feedback, qube cloud for scenario development and incorporating clinical documentation (blood gas results, CPG’s cognitive aids and much more). The system also includes intensive care monitor settings.

The system device is controlled by an instructor 10.9 iPad and participants are also supported with a 10.9 iPad device for accessing the patients temperature, BSL, blood gas results, heart, lung and bowel sounds and much more.

The device monitor is housed in a very tough and rugged case with side zip locked pouches for assessment and therapy cables and comes in both a medium (10.9) and large (12.9) configuration, featuring three colours: Red, Grey or Yellow.

Simovation are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for SkillQube and would be delighted to provide you with an online or on site demonstration of the SkillQube Series. Please go to